Buying A Home In Connecticut? 7 Best Cities For Families

Buying a home in Connecticut is an excellent choice for families. Before you even consider drawing up a list of features that your dream home will have, you’ll want to decide which city you’re moving to. Here are the top 7 cities for families in Connecticut:

1.    Bristol. About 20 miles southwest of Hartford lies Bristol, Connecticut. This suburb is known as “Mum City” and holds the annual Bristol Mum Festival. It’s home to Lake Coumpounce, America’s oldest operating theme park.

2.    Hamden. This Connecticut suburb is constantly on lists of great cities. It combines the best of urban and suburban living, and has a fantastic school system, perfect for a family with children. In addition, Hamden has two excellent charter schools.

3.    Middletown. Located in central Connecticut, Middletown is a great place for buying a home. Middletown is home to Wesleyan College and features the Children’s Circus of Middletown, a program for children to learn and perform circus skills.

4.    New Haven. New Haven is the second-largest city in Connecticut, which means it has plenty of amenities for growing families. New Haven has plenty of museums and other cultural opportunities that are perfect for children, including the Connecticut Children’s Museum.

5.    Norwalk. Home to the song “Yankee Doodle,” Norwalk also has the headquarters for many notable companies, including Pepperidge Farm and Virgin Atlantic Airways. In addition, the town has many public sports leagues for players of all ages, including rugby, golfing, swimming, rowing baseball and softball. The town has 16 Little League fields.

6.    Newtown. New Town is located in southwest Connecticut and is home to many fantastic public programs and parks. Many famous people hail from New Town, including Charles Goodyear and author Suzanne Collins.

7.    Brookfield. Brookfield is located near Newtown and Danbury in southwest Connecticut. The town is known for its many public events and great school system.

Connecticut is home to many great cities that blend suburban and urban living, cultural activities and excellent school systems. If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, Connecticut is the perfect state.