Real Estate Flipping Tips: Bedrooms 101

The average person spends about a third of their life asleep, so when you’re flipping real estate, you should keep that in mind. Reading real estate flipping tips can help give you a good idea of what changes you can make in a bedroom to make it appealing to potential buyers. When you’re fixing up homes, make sure you follow some basic real estate flipping tips for bedrooms:

  • Keep it neutral. As we’ve mentioned before, neutral paint allows your potential buyers to showcase their own sense of style. Bedrooms in particular should remain neutral, since you’ll have no idea about the person who will be living there. Even though powder blue may be your favorite color, a little girl who loves princesses may not find it as appealing.
  • Update the lighting. One simple change that has a big impact in a bedroom is the lighting. While most real estate flipping tips will tell you to keep your home bright and airy, the bedroom may be one exception. Think about putting in a dimmer switch to make the room more romantic and soft. A ceiling fan is another welcome addition, particularly in warmer climates.
  • Consider carpeting. Even if you’ve uncovered gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the home, you may want to keep the bedrooms carpeted. It can help them look relaxing and comfortable – just what you want out of a bedroom.
  • Add small details. Small touches can make a big difference to the look of a bedroom. Next time you’re flipping real estate, consider adding crown molding or a chair rail to the bedrooms. It can make them look nicer with very little effort.
  • Doublecheck the closets. Closet space is a must in any bedroom. If the closets are small, consider adding more closet space somewhere else. If you absolutely can’t find a spot with more space, installing a few pre-made racks or shelves may help a small closet become more appealing.

When you’re flipping real estate, it pays to put time and energy into every room in the house. Although the bedrooms may not bring in as much money as kitchens and bathrooms, they can still help sway a potential buyer. Make sure your bedrooms are top-notch and you’ll be sure to sell quickly.