How To Host Your Own Open House

Selling a home takes lots of time and energy. Posting ads, giving tours and figuring out the legalities of selling a home can take up an unexpected amount of time. One great way to get a lot of people in to see your home at once is to hold an open house. From signup sheets to cookies, there are a lot of elements behind an open house – but by educating yourself about the different facets of an open house, you can make your open house go according to plan.

The first thing you’ll want to do is clean your home and stage it so that potential buyers see your home at its best. You’ll want to make any minor repairs, do some basic landscaping and perhaps even paint the walls a neutral color all in advance of the open house.

Next, you’ll want to advertise the open house around the area. From supermarket fliers to online classified ads, there are many options. You’ll want to allow at least three weeks for advertising to really get the word out into the community.

It can be helpful for your potential buyers to have some information about the house and the neighborhood. You might consider making an information packet with vital information, such as the year your house was built, when the roof was last fixed or replaced and the date of any major renovations.

Consider enlisting a helper or two. You can’t be everywhere during an open house, but getting family members or friends to help you run the event can make it a lot easier. They can help guide people through the home, keep an eye on the sign-in sheet and even help greet guests.

Making a sign-in sheet can help you remember who came to your open house. Make sure you get their contact information – a quick follow-up call or e-mail is thoughtful and may help answer any lingering questions your potential buyers may have.

When you’re running an open house, make sure you remove yourself from the process. Your potential buyers are interested in your home for its qualities, not for your memories. It can be hard not to tell stories about all the things that have happened in your home, but remember to keep an objective viewpoint when chatting with potential buyers.

Finally, make sure you bake or buy some delicious cookies! Having some light snacks gives your open house a festive feel and helps put people at ease by giving them something to do.

Relax and remember not to stress too much when it comes to holding an open house. It’s just one step in the process of selling a home, but can have a big impact on the number of buyers you see.