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How Real Estate Investors Can Determine Property Value

Posted by JD Esajian // April 29, 2011

Knowing a home’s property value is crucial for real estate investors to make money. Without an accurate property value, a novice investor may lose money by overpaying for a property. When you’re deciding whether or not to make an investment, you’ll want to have an accurate property value close at hand.

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Top 6 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home In San Diego

Posted by JD Esajian // April 28, 2011

San Diego is a great town with lots of friendly people. However, if you’re thinking about buying a home in San Diego, you should ask yourself a few questions to make sure you’re ready for the big move.

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How To Set The Price Of Your Home

Posted by JD Esajian // April 27, 2011

Pricing your home is tricky and can be the hardest part of selling a home. Setting a price can make the difference between selling a home quickly and having it remain on the market for months. While property value plays a large part in the price you set, there are other factors to consider, including.

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Can A Partner Help Your Real Estate Investing Business?

Posted by JD Esajian // April 26, 2011

Real estate investing can be as easy as flipping real estate and as hard as managing an entire apartment building. While you can start real estate investing on your own, having a partner brings a lot of benefits to the table, from money to connections – and more.

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Selling a Home in Spring

Posted by JD Esajian // April 25, 2011

Spring is “home buying season,” so if you’re selling a home, you need to be ready for an influx of potential buyers. Thousands of families across the country take to the streets each spring in search of their dream home. If you’ve been thinking about selling a home this spring, here are a few tips to help it sell quickly (and for more money).

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When Should You Sell Your Home?

Posted by JD Esajian // April 24, 2011

Is there a season that’s better than the rest for selling a home? Traditional wisdom says that spring is the best time for selling a home – more buyers are on the lookout for a new home so they can move over the summer. However, spring may not be the best time for selling a home.

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Real Estate Flipping Tips: Bedrooms 101

Posted by JD Esajian // April 22, 2011

The average person spends about a third of their life asleep, so when you’re flipping real estate, you should keep that in mind. Reading real estate flipping tips can help give you a good idea of what changes you can make in a bedroom to make it appealing to potential buyers. When you’re fixing up homes, make sure you follow some basic real estate flipping tips for bedrooms.

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6 Things To Think About When Selling A Home In San Diego

Posted by JD Esajian // April 21, 2011

Selling a home in San Diego can be a daunting task – from open houses to closing costs, there are a lot of things to consider. However, if you stay organized and keep a few simple tips in mind, selling a home can be exciting and even fun. If you’re considering selling in San Diego, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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How To Choose A Crew For Your Next Flip

Posted by JD Esajian // April 20, 2011

Choosing a crew can be one of your biggest tasks while flipping real estate. The people you work with determine how much time and money you’ll be putting into rehabbing properties. It’s worth taking some time when deciding who you’ll hire and who you want to work with. Here are a few tips to help you choose a crew next time you’re flipping real estate.

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Real Estate Flipping Tips: Walls 101

Posted by JD Esajian // April 19, 2011

Real estate flipping tips cover everything from kitchen renovations to updating lighting fixtures. Of course, if you’re rehabbing properties, one of the most important things to focus on is the walls. If you get the walls wrong, you may miss out on making a sale. Next time you’re rehabbing properties, follow these simple real estate flipping tips to make sure your walls are picture-perfect.

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