Real Estate Flipping Tips: Bathrooms 101

Real estate investors can make huge profits purchasing cheap homes and flipping them into gorgeous properties that buyers will snap up. If you want to flip a house, you’ll want to follow some simple real estate flipping tips to ensure that buyers are enamored with your property. One of the smallest areas in the home also has the biggest impact: bathrooms. A well-designed, modern bathroom can convert potential buyers into a sale.

To get your bathroom looking clean and beautiful, follow these real estate flipping tips:

Put in some elbow grease. Don’t replace anything in the bathroom until you’ve tried scrubbing it. A little baking soda goes a long way in revamping sinks, tubs and shower doors. Try sprinkling some baking soda on problem areas, then spritzing with vinegar to make a cleaning solution that works wonders.
Revamp a dingy toilet. Rusty or brown toilets are unattractive and gross. You can make your toilet look new again with the help of a little bleach. Let it sit in the toilet bowl for a couple of hours, then scrub. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. Replacing the toilet seat also makes the toilet look a lot nicer – so you won’t have to shell out to replace it.
Clean up the caulk. If the caulk is stringy or blobby, you should reapply to give it a clean, neat edge. Fresh caulk makes your old tub or vanity look a lot newer.
Put in new fixtures. Replacing the old faucets and handles can make a world of different. Go for stainless steel to make your bathroom shine.
Keep it bright. If you don’t want to replace the lighting, at least put in new, bright lightbulbs. A bright bathroom looks cleaner and more appealing than a dim one. If you do decide to replace the light fixtures, look for ones that will give lots of light, especially around the mirror.

If you want to join the ranks of real estate investors who flip houses, follow these real estate flipping tips to get a gorgeous bathroom that buyers will drool over. Making the bathrooms modern can help increase your profits and will let you sell the home quickly. Next time you’re flipping a house, make sure you turn this small room into a house-selling beauty.