Finding FSBOs Through your Agent

FSBOs or “For Sale By Owner” homes attract a certain kind of attention from real estate agents, namely  barrage of phone calls asking for their listing once they fail at the endeavor and concede the need to list with an agent. The attention FSBOs often fail to attract is that of agents looking for homes on behalf of a buyer.

Some agents will even avoid driving past a home with a FSBO sign or the sign of a broker who charges lower fees for limited services) in the yard, so their clients don’t see it. Sellers’ agents who do help buyers secure an FSBO home often grouse that, because the seller has no agent offering advice and legal documents, they end up doing twice as much work but receive only half the commission.

If you engage the services of a buyer’s agent, that agent should show your FSBO’s. But people should eat their vegetables and should extend Charity toward the poor. And people don’t always do as they should. Be sure to tell your agent you want to see FBSO homes along with those being sold by limited-service agents, but also keep your own eyes open!