Create a Garden Center

Finding the right tools when you need them is the key to efficient gardening. Make your life easier by spending an hour or two organizing them and make it easy to keep them organized.

  • Store all garden tools in the same spot as the garage or other easily accessible spot. If you don’t have a good place for storage then consider buying a weatherproof, free-standing garden tool cabinet or shed and tuck it into a corner of the yard or behind a garage.
  • Hang large tools such as spades and rakes on a wall so they won’t tangle or take up floor space. Many of the smaller tools can be hung on pegboard. You can store other small garden supplies on an all-purpose potting table if you have space. You can buy a ready-made table or you can make one out of scrap lumber and plywood fairly easily. Large bags of potting soil and other amendments are easier to handle if they are stored in large plastic wastebaskets or small garbage cans. Unused pots and seedling trays can sit on a wood shelf mounted on the wall.
  • A garden caddy is an indispensable gardening accessory. Whether it’s a rustic English wooden ‘trug’ basket, a plastic bin with a handle, a small pail or a cloth caddy that slips over a 5-gallon bucket, you will save yourself innumerable steps. Stock it with a trowel, gloves, seed packets, sunscreen, hand sheers, insect repellent, tissues and anything else you need in the garden.
  • A simple workbench is a handy spot for keeping often-used small tools and for re-potting plants. Buy one that is about 36 inches high and position it for easy access.