Automated Watering Systems Part 1

If your garden gets parched because you do not have time to set up the sprinklers as often as you would like, consider automating at least part of your watering system.

Semi-Automatic Watering Systems

There are some ingenious and inexpensive alternatives to a fully automated system on the market.

  • A soaker hose, made of old automobile tires, is perforated with tiny holes. Lay it on the dirt or under mulch along a hedge or through a flower bed and attach it to a regular hose. Turn the spigot on and the soaker hose will slowly water an area up to several feet on either side of its length.
  • A manual-on, automatic-off valve turns the sprinkler off at a pre-set time. Once you set up the sprinkler and turn on the water, you can go on about your business.
  • A mechanical timer valve is an inexpensive device for turning a sprinkler on and off automatically at pre-set times. Fitted between the spigot and the hose, the timer allows you to water when you are away on in the very early morning hours when water evaporation is least. It also prevents you from forgetting that the sprinkler is on and wasting water.