Case study on a $75,000+ deal we closed last week

We have been getting a lot of requests lately from students to do some more case studies on properties we are actively working on. So your wish is our command.

Friday at 4:00 PM Eastern we are going to do a very detailed case study of a deal we just sold last week and made $75,000 on.

To register for Friday’s training webinar click on the link below:

There is no better way to learn the Real Estate business then to go through actual deals we are doing each and every month.

Here is what JD will be covering on Friday’s training webinar:

  • How we found this deal using our MLS/REO offer strategy that is bringing in deals pretty much every week
  • How we negotiated the deal to get such a discounted price
  • How we pre-sold the deal to a buyer before the work even began
  • How we managed the rehab without being on the job site all the time
  • How we managed an extensive rehab project and sold the deal in exactly 92 days from the day we closed on it
  • How we timed the closing so our holding costs would be a minimum

To register click on the link below…it’s Friday at 4:00 PM Eastern