The Importance of Location in the Homebuying Process

Posted by JD Esajian // June 11, 2010

As a new home buyer you will want to integrate these famous saying in the real estate profession: “location, location, location.” Integrate these into your search process because location will play an integral role in your selection. Going beyond the home itself, factors like area schools, neighborhoods, quality of life, surrounding developments and businesses as well as roadways will also play an important part in your ultimate decision.

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Washing and Repairing Window Blinds

Posted by JD Esajian // June 10, 2010

Aluminum and vinyl blinds of a manageable size can be taken down and washed in the bathtub. Mix a mild detergent with water and scrub blinds with a sponge. Once clean, rinse them with water. Let them dry thoroughly, partially drawn up and flat in the tub, before reinstalling. You can speed up the drying time with a hair dryer.

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Information Needed To Obtain A Mortgage Online

Posted by JD Esajian // June 9, 2010

Each online lender has different application requirements. For example, if you visit which is one of the internet’s better known lenders, they have revealed a checklist of items to bring with you when you are ready to sign up.

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Window Blinds

Posted by JD Esajian //

Blinds are commercially made window coverings that can have either vertical or horizontal slats, have an accordion or honeycomb construction or are woven from natural or synthetic reeds. In one style, slats are sandwiched between two sheer fabric layers that diffuse light when the slats are open. In yet another style, slats are laminated vertically to a single fabric layer for a curtain effect.

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Hybrid Loans and Jumbo Loans

Posted by JD Esajian // June 7, 2010

Hybrid loans won’t save you quite as much money as pure ARM (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage) but they are cheaper than a 30-year fixed rate mortgage and they limit your risk. They are especially popular among buyers who don’t plan to be in their new home for more than ten years. Hybrids give you a fixed interest rate for the first three, five, seven or ten years of the mortgage.

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Periodic Maintenance and Repair of Area Rugs

Posted by JD Esajian // June 4, 2010

Hand-painted canvas floor-cloths are very easy to care for. Newly made ones will most likely be painted with acrylic or latex paints and finished with several coats of polyurethane. A damp mop or sponge will quickly clean the surface. However, if you own an antique floor cloth, avoid water and clean with a dry dust mop or the dust attachment on a vacuum cleaner because the finish is likely a varnish incompatible with water.

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Loan Features To Avoid: Prepayment Penalties

Posted by JD Esajian // June 3, 2010

Most mortgages do not limit prepayment of your principal, If you would like to pay twice the principal due each month, with the goal of paying off your loan early then you are free to do so without penalty. If rates fall and you’d like to refinance to a better loan after a year or two, you don’t owe anything extra. But some mortgages don’t treat borrowers so kindly.

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Regular Maintenance of Area Rugs

Posted by JD Esajian // June 2, 2010

Regular maintenance is important since all rugs,including carpets wear out from the bottom. Grit and sand settle at the base of loop and pile constructions or lodge between the yarns of flat tapestry weaves, cutting fibers and wearing out the rug. So to improve the life of your rugs, vacuum often.

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Loan Features To Avoid: Balloon Payments and Negative Amortization

Posted by JD Esajian // June 1, 2010

Among all the paperwork involved with taking out a mortgage, it is very easy to let your mind wander and simply sign on the dotted line. But be careful, you should read through the loan documents. You have to ask about and also watch out for these hazards to your financial health in particular

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The Types of Rugs

Posted by JD Esajian // May 31, 2010

Most often it is the construction of an area rug that establishes its formality or informality. Rag, hooked and braided rugs are considered informal and casual, perfect for country settings. On the opposite end, Aubusson and Oriental rugs generally appear in formal rooms with period furniture.

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