Craftsman-Style Homes

Craftsman styles earned their first popularity around 1900 and remained a common choice until the Great Depression in the 1930s., when few homes of any style were built. They are very popular in new construction and remodeling today.

These are sturdy houses usually anchored by a generous porch supported by chunky columns of wood or stone. Roof lines are steeply pitched with large overhangs and often you have multiple roofs, thanks to one or more windowed dormers jutting out from the second floor, first floor or sometimes as a small wing attached to the main floor. Indoors, a good Craftsman-style house will have lots of prominent woodwork and molding especially around the fireplace.

Like so many houses with porches, a Craftsman may not be as big inside as it appears to be from the outside. That porch also may make adjoining rooms dark during the daytime. With their heavy use of woodwork and molding, rooms tend to have an earthy, cozy feel or a dark, claustrophobic feel depending on your taste.