Take More Time Off & Increase Earnings in December

How can San Diego real estate investors and agents enjoy more time off while capitalizing on the end of year surge in business?  More importantly, how can they get ahead in 2014?

December is one of the most exciting months of the year. However, it is also full of tough decisions for real estate agents and investors. There are many seasonal distractions and increased personal time demands, but December also brings a number of deals that should not be put off. So how can Southern California property professionals find ways to better leverage time and get the most out of both worlds?

Start with the calendar. It doesn’t matter whether you still use a wall calendar, Google’s online calendar or a similar mobile application. Block out the dates you’d like to take off, whether it is a few days or most of the month. Totally block them out so you can’t schedule any work during that time. The key is finding a way to getting everything done in the time that is let over.

While many local Realtors and investors may not want to leave San Diego, there are plenty of destinations to travel to in December. Wherever you plan to travel, near or far, pay for it now. The more expensive the better. Consider making it non-refundable. This will dramatically decrease the likelihood you’ll try to back out.

Of course, this can put a lot of extra pressure on real estate professionals that are ambitious and eager to break past records, don’t want to let clients down, and who take missing out on opportunities very hard. On the bright side, it can force massive improvements in time management that can then be applied to the rest of your career.

Automation is one of the most essential pillars here, especially when it comes to real estate marketing. This applies to both acquiring new business and selling houses. After all, you can just finish the year well and be left empty for the New Year. Experienced pros know that it is equally critical to load the pipeline for January.

Thankfully, automating real estate marketing has never been easier or more affordable. At its core, this probably begins with integrating collaboration through a web based project management service. This will not only streamline progress immediately, but facilitate the team and vendors to achieve progress while you are offline.

Then there is a matter of ramping up marketing collateral and scheduling it. This includes Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs and articles, press releases, print and outdoor advertising and even deploying outbound phone agents. With this done, almost the entire month can be taken off while new deals are teed up and offers reeled in.

Leveraging outsourced processors, sales people and virtual assistants can ensure phones are manned, deals are evaluated with offers being made and sales are initiated. Done right, this can create a turnkey system which can really deliver on all of the benefits San Diego real estate pros got into the business to enjoy in the first place.

If this still isn’t enough, look for ways to increase same deal revenues and profits. This can involve minor tweaks and adjustments to increase profit margins. It can also create new revenue streams and offer add-on services to drive up cash profits.