Seller Financing

The Interest Rate Problem:

Since early 2022, Interest rates have been on the rise, and they have risen FAST. Since then, those of us that are buying or selling in the real estate market have all been reminded of one thing: higher interest rates are a PAIN. Higher interest rates directly influence higher monthly payments - higher payments then increase the financial burden of purchasing a home. This may mean missing out on being in a certain neighborhood you want your family to be in, a school district you want your kids to grow up in, or the dream home you've always wanted.

The CT Homes Solution:

Seller Financing! CT Homes is now offering Seller Financing to those buyers interested in our rehabbed properties. We can help finance your home purchase by covering the difference between your down payment and the offer amount (i.e. your loan amount). Since CT Homes isn't tied to the financial markets in the same way that traditional lenders are, we can offer LOWER than market interest rates. Lower Interest rates = lower monthly payments. Lower monthly payments = you can more easily afford that home you have your eye on!

Seller Financing - More on what it is and how it works

Investopedia defines Seller Financing as a "type of real estate agreement that allows the buyer to pay the seller in installments rather than using a traditional mortgage from a bank, credit union or other financial institution". In other words, instead of a traditional lender (think Rocket Mortgage, CHASE, Wells Fargo, etc) lending you money for your home purchase, CT Homes will act as the lender and provide the financing. Just like in a normal transaction, you'll wire your down payment to escrow and CT Homes will "lend the rest". See a quick example below!

**Figures above are for demonstration purposes only and does not include closing cost, commissions, and/or fees. Actual offer and numbers may vary.