5 Tips To Help You Increase Productivity When Working From Home

stay productive

The way business is conducted has changed dramatically over the years. No longer do you need a dedicated office space if you want to establish a business.  With all of the increases in technology you can stay connected to anybody at any time.  You can work just as effectively lounging by the pool as you can stuck behind a desk all day.  Many investors get started working in coffee shops or at their kitchen table.  They have just as good of a chance at success than the investor who is spending $1000 a month on rent.  Working from home and away from other people takes a certain skill and disciplined that not everybody has. Once you develop it you can work anywhere without distraction.  Here are five tips to help increase your productivity and get more comfortable working from home.

  • Establish A Work Space. Even though you can work by your pool it is not advisable. The first thing you need to do when working from home is to establish a dedicated work area. Ideally you will find a spot in the basement or in a spare room where you can put a desk and call your own. This may not always be the case. Your work space can be your kitchen table or a chair in your living room. Wherever it is you should make it your own. This is where you are going to work regardless of what else you may have going on. Think of this like your own little cubicle inside of your home. By doing this you will develop a work routine that is essential for success. When you bounce around from spot to spot inside of your home you end up not getting anything done. Find an area that you can work in and don’t deviate from that spot.
  • Set Specific Work Schedule. One of the reasons new investors enter the business is because of the flexibility of schedule. Even though you may be able to work when you like it doesn’t mean you should. You should treat working from home just like you would working in an office. Hold yourself accountable for when you start and finish your day. You should start your day just as early, or even early because there is no commute, when working from home. You should plan on working a full eight hours and end your day at roughly the same time as you would in an office. It is important to remember that even though you may be able to work when you like the people around you may not. By sleeping the morning away you lose a good chunk of your day that you can’t get back. You can always tie up any loose ends before you go to bed but keep a bulk of your workload to traditional nine to five hours.
  • Avoid Distractions. It is ironic how many people say they would get more work done if their co-workers weren’t constantly bothering them. It is only when they work alone that they realize their co-workers were not the problem. Working from home allows you to focus on tasks and get more work done. However this only happens if you know how to avoid distractions. There is no boss looking over your shoulder telling you what to do. If you want to get up and walk around you are free to do so. What you can’t do is stop in the kitchen on your way back from the bathroom and get something to eat. The next thing you know you are in front of the TV taking just a little break. Thirty minutes leads to 45 and when you finally sit back down to work you spend another twenty minutes gathering your thoughts. When you work you should turn your phone off, keep the TV on mute and try not to get up until you are finished. The more distractions you face the less productive you will be.
  • Get Out Of The House. Having a routine can be a blessing and a curse. It is great when it improves productivity but it can be a problem if you have developed some bad habits. Even if you are in a good rhythm working from home you should take at least one day a week to get on the road. Use this time to meet new contacts or develop existing relationships. Try working from somewhere else just to keep things fresh and exciting. By spending every day in the same exact spot you will eventually get bored and unmotivated.
  • Stay Organized. Wherever and however you work it is critical that you are organized. You can’t have leads or important papers spread out all over the floor. Even if you think you know where everything is eventually you will misplace something that is crucial to your business. Take advantage of the increases in technology to store as many items as you can online. If you need to something as inexpensive as a basic manila folder can do the trick. Find whatever organizational tool works best for you and don’t wait to use it. Without organization you will find yourself scattered and all over the place.

There are many successful investors who have been in the business for years without having an office. They have developed a good routine and know how to organize their business.  Real estate success can be found wherever you decide to get work done.  Use these five tips to help improve productivity and efficiency.