49 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Even though the amount of housing inventory has reportedly shrunk, the market for selling homes is still incredibly competitive. It is only expected to become more competitive in the near future. So what are some real estate marketing ideas for real estate agents, investors and regular homeowners that want to sell their houses and do it faster? The following is a comprehensive list of proven real estate marketing ideas:

  1. Have new business cards made and hand out a minimum of 10 per day
  2. Start a new Twitter account and tweet your home listing to the world
  3. Use Promoted Tweets and Promoted accounts to reach thousands of followers on Twitter
  4. Create a Slide Share slide show presentation of just how awesome your home is
  5. Post an extensive photo tour of your homes for sale on Pinterest
  6. Create a video/ virtual tour of homes and post it them YouTube
  7. Create infographics on the best times to buy and sell homes, and best homes to buy
  8. Create Facebook ads and updates
  9. Start a Facebook competition or special offer to build buzz
  10. Expand your LinkedIn network, start a group and post updates
  11. Email all of your email contacts
  12. Create a new real estate website
  13. Set up a WordPress blog and blog about homes for sale
  14. Guest write on popular forums, blogs and real estate websites for more attention
  15. Have press releases created to send out to local and industry journalists
  16. Syndicate press releases and news via online distribution networks
  17. Put up yard signs
  18. Have bandit signs made to place around town
  19. Create fliers to leave at local stores, gyms, coffee shops and real estate businesses
  20. Take out ads in newspapers and real estate and lifestyle magazines
  21. Take advantage of outdoor advertising opportunities like bench ads and billboards
  22. Cold call or hire telemarketers or appointment setters to do it for you
  23. Attend local or even international home shows
  24. Sponsor local or national events
  25. Attend a real estate investor, Realtor or mortgage networking or trade show event
  26. Mail post cards or letters to your contacts or buy mailing lists
  27. Purchase real estate internet leads
  28. Start an auto dialer, or ‘press 1’ campaign
  29. Send out bulk SMS or text message marketing
  30. Print custom T-shirts or promotional items with your information and give them out
  31. Tattoo your brand name or contact info on yourself and any staff
  32. Design temporary custom tattoos and give them away
  33. Author a book to gain credibility, reach a larger audience and boost influence
  34. Post images to Instagram
  35. Host an open house
  36. Host a networking event of your own
  37. Hold a real estate auction
  38. Hire sign holders and sandwich board wearers
  39. Create a radio advertising campaign and contest
  40. Start a podcast series
  41. Recruit ‘bird dogs’ to increase word of mouth advertising and referrals
  42. Talk to local corporations and government that may have staff with housing needs
  43. Hit up Fiverr and find remote help for spreading the word
  44. Start Google+ communities and groups to promote homes to
  45. Hold Google+ Hangouts and offer live online home tours and virtual open houses
  46. Wrap your car in advertising
  47. Pay others to wrap their cars with your advertising
  48. Offer home tours by air, water and bus or limo service
  49. Recruit other real estate agents and marketers to market on your behalf