Wholesaling Real Estate: Gaining A New Perspective During The Holidays

In the spirit of the holiday season, and as we prepare to launch into the New Year, here are some thoughts that could provide a breakthrough for those ready to achieve more in 2016, and beyond:

Are We Being Too Hard On Others?

Are we being too tough on others in the real estate business? While some are out there actively looking for extra ways to supersize their contributions, others are spending their holiday season complaining about real estate wholesalers online. This isn’t new, but the internet seems to have magnified their voices over the past few years.

However, those that are complaining seem to completely overlook the fact that there are equally as many, if not thousands more, bad apples among the ranks of Realtors, landlords, buy and hold investors and rehabbers.

It’s also worth remembering that, in spite of the best intentions, it is really hard to deliver a perfect product for everyone. There are plenty of people that will complain for the sake of complaining. Doing a great job and making a difference is hard work, and it takes time. It’s not easy. It took a decade or two for the internet to really take off, for green building to become standard, and for major improvements to be made in how non-profits operate. Very few have the capacity to stick it out, and hone their craft. Maybe it’s the season for giving everyone a little more credit. Try it out for yourself, and see where it takes you.

Appreciate Poor Wholesalers

There may be some real estate wholesalers on Santa’s naughty list this year, and you may be surprised to find out they are actually helping you. Those that are poor at customer service and offer less attractive deals help the good wholesalers shine. That’s great news if you are one of the good wholesalers in the business. There are deals to be found all over the U.S. right now. If you can stand out from the pack, you will be rewarded accordingly.

It’s Time to Give Good Deals

One of the top complaints about wholesalers is that they aren’t offering ‘good’ deals. Maybe it’s time to tighten up your game and offer slightly (or much) better deals? Perhaps it is time to invest a little more into your due diligence.

However, it is critical to point out that what makes a ‘good deal’ is a matter of individual opinion, and even timing. Present the same offer to two different individuals and one will think it is a total dud, and the next might think it is deal of the century. It’s all about perspective.

The Value of Time

Is complaining online really the highest and best use of our time this holiday season?

Whether you are frustrated with the inventory out there, the extra woes of trying to close deals at the end of the year, or trying to find a moment to spend with family, gratitude and value of time just becomes more apparent. It’s priceless. How are you spending yours?

The Gift of Real Estate

Real estate is hands down the best gift to give this season. This doesn’t just apply to consumers giving condos, homes, and income properties either. You know the power and value of real estate. If you are putting that to work for you, one of the best gifts you can give to friends and family this year is real estate investing education, and bringing them in so they can enjoy the ongoing benefits in their own lives too.