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San Diego Real Estate: What It Takes To Win

Posted by JD Esajian // October 31, 2013

What does it take for entrepreneurs and brokers to start and maintain a leading San Diego real estate company? The Southern California property market continues to get healthier and heat up. However, competition continues to grow at an exponential pace. This makes it an incredible time to get into the real estate business, go out […]

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The Art Of Salvaging A Deal

Posted by JD Esajian // October 30, 2013

Every real estate investor knows that a deal is a fragile entity. At any moment, something can change, causing the entire deal to fall through. As an investor, is there anything you can do to prevent a deal from falling apart? More specifically, if there is, what can be done? In the last few years, […]

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Real Estate: From Broke To Billionaire

Posted by JD Esajian // October 29, 2013

Are you eager to make millions from investing in real estate? How about going from broke to billionaire? A similar path to riches may not be far from the truth. Knowing which niche to invest in could change your entire career. In particular, one investor has recently made this scenario a reality. By investing in […]

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Home Improvement Trends For San Diego Real Estate Investors

Posted by JD Esajian // October 28, 2013

Selling a house in San Diego, California? Perhaps you are left wondering why your house will not sell. Check out these rehabbing, home improvement and building trends: The San Diego real estate market is ripe for investing. However, whether you are building, rehabbing to flip houses, acquiring rentals, remodeling, or even just selling your house; […]

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San Diego Real Estate Companies: The Best For Your Needs

Posted by JD Esajian // October 25, 2013

What is the best type of San Diego real estate company to help you with your needs? The San Diego real estate market has improved by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. It is regarded as one of the healthiest markets in the United States. This is enabling many San Diego real […]

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Closing The Conversion Gap For Real Estate Investors

Posted by JD Esajian // October 24, 2013

Want to close more real estate deals? More importantly, how do you bridge the gap while simultaneously increasing conversions? Real estate investing can be very simple for those who approach it correctly. That is, of course, if you have taken the time to establish a solid foundation in real estate education and are committed to […]

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San Diego Ranks In Top 5 Cities For Flipping Luxury Houses

Posted by JD Esajian // October 23, 2013

A new report ranks San Diego, CA as one of the top 5 cities for flipping high-end homes. As such, the region still offers ample opportunities for investors to make large profits. Is it time you took your real estate investing game to the next level? More than three-quarters of all high-end flips took place […]

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How Much Time Should Investors Take Off During The Holidays?

Posted by JD Esajian // October 22, 2013

The fourth quarter, otherwise known as the holiday season, is upon us and brings with it several tough decisions for investors. Accordingly, investors of every level are tasked with determining how much time they should take off. While taking a break is critical, it is equally important to take advantage of this particular season’s offerings. […]

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5 Real Estate Education Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg

Posted by JD Esajian // October 21, 2013

What does Mark Zuckerberg have to teach you about real estate investing? Not everyone may truly appreciate Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘genius.’ Many people may detest Facebook and a few truly experienced California real estate investors probably disapprove of the tech founder’s property investment strategies. However, the social networking giant is definitely making some moves into investing […]

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Why Won’t My House Sell?

Posted by JD Esajian // October 18, 2013

Can’t get your home sold? Perhaps the following tips are just what you need to sell your house faster. It’s almost shocking to see homeowners, and especially those flipping houses, begging for someone to help them figure out why their homes won’t sell in this market. From the data being spewed out by Realtors on […]

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