How to Choose a Home Loan Modifications Company

If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage, exploring home loan modifications is something you’ll want to consider. In today’s housing climate, many people are turning to modifications to save their homes and stop foreclosure. Many companies have been formed to help people deal with the subtleties of these modifications, but not all home loan modifications companies are equal. Here’s how to choose the best company to help you through the process of loan modification:

  • Do research. Before you choose a company (or companies) to talk to about your situation, do some research first. One simple way to find out if the company is trying to scam you is to search for the company’s name followed by the word “scam.” Look at the results that turn up – many people turn to the Internet these days to talk about bad experiences that have happened to them. Also, make sure to check out the websites of the companies you’re considering. Do they look professional and reputable, or are they slapdash and full of hype?
  • Interview companies. Asking good questions can help you determine which company will work best for your situation, and it will also help you weed out potential scams. Ask how long the company has been in business, find out their success rate and ask them what different options they offer. This list of questions is a good starting point for your interview. Good home loan modifications companies should be able to answer all of your questions.
  • Look for options. The best loan modification companies will present you with options for your unique situation. There are usually a variety of solutions you can pursue to adjust your mortgage and keep your home.


It’s important to remember that while there are legitimate home loan modification companies out there, some companies are scams. Doing your research, conducting interviews and looking for a variety of options can help you – and your home – stay safe. And be wary about big promises. Many companies tell you they can solve all your problems quickly and easily (for a large fee, of course), but when it comes to delivering, they don’t. Protect yourself and your family by playing it smart and following these tips for choosing a loan modification company.