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There's no doubt, purchasing a home is a HUGE investment of time, energy, and of course money.  Here at CT Homes we want to make affording a home easier while at the same time, ensuring the property you've decided to move into is EXACTLY what you envision it to be. To help achieve that, we've built our "Purchase Accelerators" Program. Browse our three Purchase Accelerators below to find the one that best fits your situation!

Pick your finishes!

The CT Homes Pre-Purchase Program allows you access to our off-market properties BEFORE they are put up for sale on the open market. By taking advantage of the program, buyers will be able to buy their dream home before it's even listed for sale. The best part? Locking in one of our homes early enough will put you in a position to pick your finishes (Think kitchen granite style, cabinet color, flooring type, etc)!

What are the benefits pre-purchasing?

  • LESS Competition: since these properties are not yet listed on MLS, you'll likely have less buyers to compete against.
  • Lock in your Interest Rate: Interest rates have been mostly on the rise since early 2022. Higher interest rates mean more expensive monthly payments for borrowers. By identifying yuor new home sooner rather then later, you'll be in a better position to lock in your interest rate before rates potentionally go up again and lock in a lower monthly payment.
  • Renovated Home, top notch quality: At the close of escrow, you'll become the new owner of a high quality, newly renovated property in beautiful and sunny San Diego!

How it Works?

Our Easy To Use Home Buying Process

Buying a home doesn't have to be a hassle. We've simplified the process and have been helping homeowners Since 2003!

1. Identify

Browse our off-market inventory to identify a property that you're interested in. Submit your info on that property's page to indicate you're interested!

2. Confirm

We'll schedule you for an in-person showing of the property with one of our Renovation Team members where you'll receive in-depth Material Packet, Scope of Work breakdown, and

3. Complete Contracts

Our experienced team wil walk you through the purchase agreement step by step so you know exactly what to expect in the process.

4. Transaction Timelines Begin

As the renovation is nearing completion, transaction timelines begin. At this point the Home Inspection, Appraisal, and Loan Approval would take place as they would in a traditional transaction.

5. Escrow Closes!

Welcome Home! Once your due diligence period is complete and escrow closes you'll be the new Owner of the newly renovated Home!


Absolutely! We can work directly with your Real Estate Agent if you have one - we do pay realtor commissions.

Yes! If you don't have a buyer's agent we can work directly with you. Our Transaction Team is standing buy ready to guide you through the buying process.

You will! Once we accept your offer you'll be afforded the same contingencies (Loan, Inspection, Appraisal) andd protections as you would in a typical real estate transaction.

While it will depend depending mostly on the timing and the project's scope of work expect, the property will likely be more of a "Construction Zone" than a finished home. The earlier a project seems to be in the process, the better chance there is you'll be able to pick and choose more of the final finishes to go into your home!

What others are saying about our Pre-Purchase Program

Browse our off-market inventory today!

The first step in taking advantage of our pre-purchase program: Identify the right home for you. Start browsing our inventory today and submit the "Have Questions?" Form on the related property page. Someone from our team will reach out to you directly with next steps!

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The Interest Rate Problem:

Since early 2022, Interest rates have been on the rise, and they have risen FAST. Since then, those of us that are buying or selling in the real estate market have all been reminded of one thing: higher interest rates are a PAIN. Higher interest rates directly influence higher monthly payments - higher payments then increase the financial burden of purchasing a home. This may mean missing out on being in a certain neighborhood you want your family to be in, a school district you want your kids to grow up in, or the dream home you've always wanted.

The CT Homes Solution:

Seller Financing! CT Homes is now offering Seller Financing to those buyers interested in our rehabbed properties. We can help finance your home purchase by covering the difference between your down payment and the offer amount (i.e. your loan amount). Since CT Homes isn't tied to the financial markets in the same way that traditional lenders are, we can offer LOWER than market interest rates. Lower Interest rates = lower monthly payments. Lower monthly payments = you can more easily afford that home you have your eye on!

Seller Financing - More on what it is and how it works

Investopedia defines Seller Financing as a "type of real estate agreement that allows the buyer to pay the seller in installments rather than using a traditional mortgage from a bank, credit union or other financial institution". In other words, instead of a traditional lender (think Rocket Mortgage, CHASE, Wells Fargo, etc) lending you money for your home purchase, CT Homes will act as the lender and provide the financing. Just like in a normal transaction, you'll wire your down payment to escrow and CT Homes will "lend the rest". See a quick example below!

**Figures above are for demonstration purposes only and does not include closing cost, commissions, and/or fees. Actual offer and numbers may vary.

It takes TIME to put yourself in a finanical position to own and afford your own home. Building credit, saving money for a down payment, and meeting necessary financial benchmarks takes years. If you've identified one of our properties for your home purchase but need more time to build your finances in order to purchase, the rent-to-own program may be the right fit for you!

Rent BEFORE you buy

It's as simple as that! In a "Rent-To-Own" scenario you would enter into an agreement to rent one of our properties for a certain period of time. During this time you would pay an agreed upon rental rate each month while you occupy the home. At the end of this period of time, you will have a contractual "option" to purchase the home at offer terms (i.e. price, due diligence period, closing period, etc.) that you are comfortable with.

Get the Time You Need

If you're ready to move into your dream home but need more time to build your credit and finances, our "Rent-To-Own" program may be right for you! It will give you extra time to....

  • Save Money for Down payment - Renting before you buy gives you more time to grow your savings for the eventual down payment.
  • Build your Credit - By committing to a rental period BEFORE buying you'll have more time to strengthen your credit, which may help lower the rate a lender may be willing to give you down the road!
  • "Test Drive" the Home before buying it! - Enjoy the ins and outs, entertain, and have family over. During your rental period you'll be able to live in the home as if you owned it, giving you a perfect opportunity to confirm the home is the right fit for you before ultimately exercising your option to purchase the home!

Build Equity with less Risk

By renting-to-own, you're essentially securing the option to purchase the home at a later date at a fixed, agreed upon price. Historically speaking, the real estate market tends to increase over time and in a perfect world, the value of your home will increase while you are renting the property. When it comes time to bring the funds to purchase the home and take ownership of the property it's possible that the home will be worth MORE than what you actually paid for it! I.e. you could take ownership of the home with instant equity!