Deferred Maintenance

We Buy Houses With Deferred Maintenance

Does your home need a lot of work? Would you rather not have the whole neighborhood through your property? Do you want to sell your house and move on without doing any work to it? We can pay cash for your house. You’ll be dealing directly with the buyer so you save the $$$ you would have spent on a realtor!

If you or someone you know owns a property affected by the following, we can help.

  • Deferred maintenance
  • Foundation issues
  • Code Violation
  • Accumulation of Personal Belongings
  • Zoning Issues/discrepancies
  • Fire Damage
  • Roof Repairs
  • Clearing up judgements and outside liens

Our offers are:

  • Cash
  • As-Is, no repairs
  • Close in as soon as 9 days
  • $10,000 CASH advance

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Here's How It Works:

2 We'll Call You You will be contacted to discuss an offer for the property submitted
3 Like the Offer? You may accept or reject the offer presented to you during the call
4 Get the Cash You have the cash in hand that you need, and your home is sold!