CT Homes’ Pre-Purchase Program

What is it?

The CT Homes Pre-Purchase Program is a way for local San Diego buyers to gain access to our off-market properties BEFORE they are put up for sale on the open market. By taking advantage of the program, buyers will be able to buy their dream home before it’s even listed for sale.

What are the benefits?

✔ LESS Competition: since these properties are not yet listed on the MLS, you’ll likely have less buyers to compete against.

✔  Lock in your Interest Rate: Interest rates are rising. Higher interest rates mean more expensive monthly payments for borrowers. By identifying your new home sooner rather than later, you’ll be in a better position to lock in your interest rate before rates potentially increase again.

 Renovated Home, top notch quality: At the close of escrow, you’ll become the new owner of a high quality, newly renovated property in beautiful and sunny San Diego!

How it Works:

1. Identify

Browse our off-market inventory to identify a property that you’re interested in. Submit your info on that property’s page to indicate you’re interested!

2. Confirm

We’ll schedule you for an in-person showing of the property with one of our Renovation Team members where you’ll receive an in-depth Materials Packet, Scope of Work breakdown, and Rendering highlight so you can confirm the house is exactly what you’re looking for!

3. Submit Offer

Once you’ve determined this is the house for you, it’s time to submit your offer. Assuming price and terms are acceptable, we’ll open escrow!

4.Transaction Timelines Begin

Once the renovation is complete, transaction timelines begin. At this point the Home Inspection, Appraisal, and Loan Approval would take place as they would in a traditional transaction.

5. Escrow Closes!

Welcome Home! Once your due diligence period is complete and escrow closes you’ll be the new Owner of a newly renovated Home!


We love working directly with buyers! We will guide you through our easy homebuying process step by step. Since there’s no realtor commissions involved, you’ll get a better deal on the home!

Yes! Transaction timelines begin once the renovation is 100% complete. At that time you’ll be able to schedule your Home Inspection and Appraisal with normal contingencies and contractual protections in place.

Properties that are part of our Pre-Purchase Program can be at any stage of the renovation. More than likely you’ll be walking into an active “Construction Zone” that will soon be turned into a renovated gem!

What others are saying about our Pre-Purchase Program

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Browse our off-market inventory today!