Rent To Own

It takes TIME to put yourself in a finanical position to own and afford your own home. Building credit, saving money for a down payment, and meeting necessary financial benchmarks takes years. If you've identified one of our properties for your home purchase but need more time to build your finances in order to purchase, the rent-to-own program may be the right fit for you!

Rent BEFORE you buy

It's as simple as that! In a "Rent-To-Own" scenario you would enter into an agreement to rent one of our properties for a certain period of time. During this time you would pay an agreed upon rental rate each month while you occupy the home. At the end of this period of time, you will have a contractual "option" to purchase the home at offer terms (i.e. price, due diligence period, closing period, etc.) that you are comfortable with.

Get the Time You Need

If you're ready to move into your dream home but need more time to build your credit and finances, our "Rent-To-Own" program may be right for you! It will give you extra time to....

  • Save Money for Down payment - Renting before you buy gives you more time to grow your savings for the eventual down payment
  • Build your Credit - By committing to a rental period BEFORE buying you'll have more time to strengthen your credit, which may help lower the rate a lender may be willing to give you down the road!
  • "Test Drive" the Home before buying it! - Enjoy the ins and outs, entertain, and have family over. During your rental period you'll be able to live in the home as if you owned it, giving you a perfect opporunity to confirm the home is the right for you before ultimately exercising your option to purcchase the home!

Build Equity with less Risk

By renting-to-own, you're essentially securing the option to purchase the home at a later date at a fixed, agreed upon price. Historically speaking, the real estate market tends to increase over time and in a perfect world, the value of your home will increase while you are renting the property. When it comes time to bring the funds to purchase the home and take ownership of the property it's possible that the home will be worth MORE than what you actually paid for it! I.e. you could take ownership of the home with instant equity!