What Can Investors Learn From The Training Programs Of Navy Seals?

Real estate returns

How can real estate investors and business owners take their game to an elite level? Could tapping into the ethos of Navy Seals and their rigorous training program do the trick?

The Navy Seals are considered one of the most elite forces in the world. To achieve that takes some serious training, and a different type of mindset. So for those that want to make it to the top of the real estate world, or just get the best results they can from buying and selling real estate, how can the training tactics of Seals be replicated for success?

Be Ready for New Challenges

According to Navy Seals, “the only easy day was yesterday.” While most get into real estate to make tomorrow easier than yesterday, it’s worth mentally preparing yourself to face new challenges every day. There will be challenges. If you don’t anticipate them, it can be demoralizing, and cause you to quit. If you are ready, you can breeze through these situations. Fortunately, instead of having to dodge bullets, the challenges for real estate professionals are more likely to be difficult sellers and agents, unexpected property repairs, and title or financing issues. That’s pretty easy, compared to what the Seals have to deal with.

Embrace Being Uncomfortable

While getting into real estate, making investments, and starting a business is exciting, it is also ‘uncomfortable.’ Getting out of the rat race takes a new way of doing things. This requires stepping out of your comfort zone in order to obtain real freedom. That might mean talking to new people, and investing savings into real estate. The Seals practice getting “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” In their case, this means laying in freezing waters on a regular basis. They breakthrough their worst fears, and immunize themselves to uncomfortable situations so that they can operate at a superior level. So train yourself to step out in ways that might not have been comfortable to you in the past. Introduce yourself and make new connections, make real estate offers, let money go. Fortunately, real estate professionals also have the luxury of rewarding themselves for these behavioral leaps. When you breach a new fear, treat yourself with a massage, great lunch, or a couple hours playing golf.

Shared Purpose

As with any elite fighting force, there is a tight, shared sense of purpose. Everyone on the squad knows the mission, their roles in making it happen, and are keenly focused on it. Businesses rarely enjoy the same level of unity or focus, and the outcome is much different. One of the best things the head of a real estate team can do is to create a very clear and visible mission, and ensure everyone is on the same page, all the time.

Training, Tactics and Communication

Whether it is the Navy Seals or real estate investors, the main purpose of repetitive training is to build instinctive muscle memory. Once achieved, this enables fighters and professionals to act instinctively under pressure. When a crisis happens, or opportunity arises, your training will enable you to act instinctively and make the best moves. Be sue to train your lines of communication as well. Communication across your business is critical to success.

All in, All the Time

Whether you are a Seal, Marine, or Army private in training, you’ve got to be all in, all the time. Each day will test your limits. If you are making great progress in building a business, or investing in real estate, you can find this to be true as well. As you progress, you’ll continue to find new ceilings to break through. Don’t quit. Decide in advance that you are all in, and that you will stay all in, even when it gets challenging.