What Consumers Want From San Diego Real Estate Agents In 2015

What do homebuyers, renters, sellers and real estate investors want from San Diego real estate agents in 2015?

2015 is sure to see many more individuals being drawn into the ranks of San Diego County, CA real estate agents. Rising prices, more inventory, and loosening in mortgage markets is likely to increase the potential for existing California Realtors. That is, however, if they can step up and serve these consumers what they want.

With that in mind, what do CA real estate buyers, sellers, renters, and investors want more of?

Real Pictures Please

With all of the talk about authenticity and standing out, it’s a little shocking that so many Realtors continue to sport the same old profile picture. Worse, while it might help some stay incognito when off the clock, the extreme photo shopping means few look anything like their images in real life. Maybe it’s time to close the branding gap, and upgrade the image to something that actually helps. Try using a welcoming picture. Something that will make other want to work with you. Let your personality shine.


Times are changing and homebuyers and sellers want real estate agents that are approachable. There are still many California homeowners that are underwater and in foreclosure. A lot of them are already having a tough time reaching out for help. Then there are buyers and renters, which may have great incomes today, but have had a bumpy ride over the past few years. Show everyone the respect they deserve and you will likely facilitate a win/win scenario for everyone involved.

Fast Responses

While not necessarily new on the demand list, many Realtors across the country still aren’t delivering fast enough responses. Failure to respond to buyer, renter, and seller inquiries is just throwing away business. If you’ve got too much to handle, consider dialing back the marketing and ads, or bringing in some help. Building a team can be a great move, and you can always start with outsourced team members on an as needed basis.

Mobile Friendly

With around 60% of all home buyers searching via mobile devices in 2014, and far more expected to in 2015, it’s time San Diego real estate agents stepped up their mobile game. Websites, blogs, and listings all need to be tailored to the mobile web, look great and be easy to navigate on mobile devices.


Today’s real estate market is complicated. Real estate statistics are confusing, and the media’s need for masses of non-stop content can lead to making it appear even more complex. Trying to figure out what’s a good deal or not isn’t easy, even for some of those that work in the industry. Consumers desperately don’t want to make bad moves. For most, that is worse than doing nothing at all. They don’t just need to be sold. They want real advice and guidance in making the best choices. Realtors are often in such a hurry that they often sell themselves short.


While a culture of transparency has quickly permeated the retail industry, real estate continues to lack the same opacity. Sadly, this is a factor which is becoming counterproductive for the entire industry. Realtors can’t hide how much they make at the closing table. Yet, they often fail to highlight how little they actually pocket, and how much is invested on their clients’ behalves. A little more transparency might help San Diego real estate agents save the industry, preserve their incomes, and actually enable them to better serve consumers.

Social Responsibility

Real estate investors have a social obligation to help those in need. All consumers, including home buyers and sellers want to do business with better companies. In some cases, they have no choice. Inspiring others to follow this path is great, however, rather than doing it for show, just do it because it is right. Not only will your respect and brand awareness grow, but you will likely see an uptick in business once people realize you are a great business partner.


Some San Diego real estate agents are no doubt already doing all of these things, or are at least making strides towards them. Still, many have a lot of work to do. Don’t be surprised if these items quickly separate the top agents from the rest in 2015. Which side do you want to be on?