6 Ways To Use This Summer To Get Ahead In Real Estate

We’re on the doorstep of another exciting sun kissed summer. In addition to the weather heating up, real estate professionals across the U.S. are putting in overtime and prepping for the peak home buying season. For those seeking to enjoy the best of the season for themselves and use the time to catapult their real estate careers and businesses, here are six ideas for achieving the best of both worlds:

1. Attend Events

Besides getting busy in terms of residential home sales, this is also one of the busiest times of year for events. Bloomberg’s The Next Big Thing, Fortune Builders’ events, and many more are scheduled over the next few months. This can not only deliver a wealth of highly useful information, but offers great networking opportunities as well.

2. Invest Time in Real Estate Education

Whether it is filling downtime on the weekends, staying productive by the pool on a family vacation, or finding a way to kick start each day in a more powerful way, investing time in real estate education can fuel great personal and business growth.

3. Heat Therapy

When it comes to elite performance in the real estate industry, everything counts. Having said that, heat therapy is becoming a popular choice for people looking to rejuvenate themselves. Personal development coaches have used techniques like this in the past. Fortunately, there appears no need to head off in search of a heat lodge in the wilderness in order to harness the benefits it offers. The Bullfrog Spas blog quotes professional research showing business leaders and top level golfers using simple techniques such as saunas and hot tubs to improve their capabilities. Even better, these are two in demand home features which real estate agents, investors and CEOs could find add value to their properties when it comes time to move up again.

4. Travel

Summer is synonymous with travel. With mobile app technology and ever better devices, real estate pros can now run their businesses seamlessly via tablet or smartphone, from anywhere. Travel isn’t just a luxury or a privilege for real estate business owners. It’s an absolute must for those that recognize the need for innovation, diversification and superior market knowledge.

5. Build Stronger Business Relationships

The internet is an amazing medium for getting started in real estate and scaling income and brands quickly. However, while some do just fine with 100% virtual real estate businesses, there are advantages to building stronger relationships. This can still be accomplished from a distance and through content, even online content, just of a different type. Downtime at home or on the road can be used to craft powerful thank you and birthday cards for past clients, or starting a personal blog to build more trust, affinity and loyalty.

6. Guest Write

Content still rocks as one of the best ROI tools for real estate marketing and branding. Consider guest writing for magazines, blogs, community newsletters, industry news publications, and engaging on high quality forums in order to tap into large, already established audiences. You can even have a ghost writer craft the copy for you if you are pressed for time.