Can iBeacon Technology Boost Real Estate Sales?

This week, a digital media firm announced the launch of iBeacon technology. However, while this news has the ability to impact the entire housing sector, many don’t even know what it is. With that being said, what is iBeacon technology? More importantly, how can it be used for boosting real estate sales?

Several new technologies and tech start-ups have already begun to emerge in the early part of 2014. Each of them allegedly boast the next best thing. We have already been made aware of the buzz sorrounding augmented reality, drones, crowdfunding and other trends. However, what else is out there?

The answer is iBeacon technology. It is currently being promoted by the developers who brought us Apple Passbook and Samsung Wallet technology for small businesses. Passbee Media announced the release of iBeacon technology this week.

This technology may be out of the reach for individual home sellers, independent real estate investors and solo real estate agents, but it could be very interesting for those who can afford it. Those who embrace the iBeacon may see their profit margins realized.

The iBeacon beams messages to consumers via their mobile devices. Tech like this has already been featured in GPS devices for location based marketing. However, iBeacon’s use of Bluetooth enables precise targeting of mobile marketing and push notifications indoors within a range of 150 feet.

So what are the potential applications for this device within the real estate marketing industry?

In Home

The iBeacon, which is able to be moved, could be placed in homes for sale. Applications could be particularly interesting in expansive luxury homes with thousands of feet. As potential home buyers move through the house, they could receive information on materials used, where they were sourced and special features to make sure nothing is missed.

Going even further, some real estate businesses may find this to be a neat way to host unmanned open houses. Combined with keyless lock systems, iBeacon can essentially eliminate the need for highly trained and high cost staff to man open houses. Upon entry, the iBeacon can great house hunters, help give them a guided tour, and recommend other homes for sale nearby.

In Real Estate Offices

This technology could also be incorporated into real estate sales offices and showrooms. When things get busy, clients may be ignored. At the very least, service can suffer in the face of limited employees. Technology like this could interact with prospects while removing their mobile device as a distraction from the equation and help close more deals. Even those that skip out without talking to a member of your team could then be connected with.


Events are still huge in the real estate industry. Many of the most well-funded buyers and investors attended them regularly, ready to purchase or invest. Whether it is a conference, seminar or home show, this type of technology could be used to stand out from the crowd.

Commercial Real Estate

This technology has actually been created for big box retailers. Malls or airports can use it to draw in more foot traffic and increase same-customer and same-store sales. This not only helps the individual merchants, but it can also be used to increase rents, cash flow and property value for real estate investors. Having this technology built into a property can go a long way in a respective deal.