Real Estate Agents: 5 Must Have Marketing Skills

Do you have the “5 must have marketing skills” it takes to win as a real estate agent? recently briefly touched on what it calls these 5 must have marketing skills for real estate agents who want to survive and thrive in the current market and they can also be capitalized on by those selling a home themselves and active real estate investors.

So what are they?

  1. Good Content
  2. Managing the Lead Pipeline
  3. Social Media
  4. Measuring Marketing Results
  5. Technology

Any industry professional from real estate agents to investors and mortgage brokers need to realize that content is now their most important marketing weapon and most valued asset. This can range from videos to Tweets to website copy and blog posts. You can’t afford to skimp here, enroll help when you need it but stick to a regular publishing schedule and focus on quality.

Social media makes up a large part of content marketing for real estate agents today and is a sound investment which will keep feeding your business for the long run. It is important as a personal branding tool but it is also being leveraged as an incredibly powerful and fast lead generation tool by others as well, though of course this requires a lot more than posting a few random messages.

Unfortunately many real estate agents are still resistant to new technology but at the same time those who are leading in sales and income are those who are embracing it the most. It’s here to stay, get over it, learn to love it and it will make your live easier and income better. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and grab the new iPhone 5 or join the 83 million who purchased an iPad by June this year but you need to know how to connect with those who are using them.

Whatever marketing you are choosing to use from in person networking to direct mail to print advertising needs to be tracked and measured. If it isn’t, you have no idea what is really working and where your investment is paying off and best put.

Finally, recognize the challenges of the different parts of the sales process and get better at pushing it forward. You can’t just focus on the one next deal and hope it closes. You need to be constantly loading your pipeline with new contacts every day, know where deals commonly get stuck and find ways to push more of them through.