Curtain Rod Options

  • Plain Rods – Buy these rods in the size range that includes your window’s width, they adjust lengthwise. A single rod holds one curtain with a casing or rod pocket at the top, a double rod holds two curtains or a curtain plus valance.
  • Spring-tension Rods – Also purchased in size ranges, in several diameters, these adjust with a spring lengthwise for a snug fit between the side window jambs. Pick a rod diameter small enough to go into the curtain’s rod pocket.
  • Traverse Rods – Conventional traverse rods open pleated draperies from the center to each side. One-way-draw rods let you pull them to one side of the window. Double traverse rods let you hang and operate two pairs of curtains.
  • Decorative Traverse Rods – These look like café curtain rods but operate like traverse rods. They have eyelets or rings on a track for hanging the draperies. Choose drapery pins or hooks that allow you to still see the rod.
  • Café Curtain Rods – Used with rings to suspend café curtains, this rod allows you to open and close the curtains manually. You can also use this rod instead of a plain rod for curtains that have a rod pocket.
  • Wrought-iron Rods – These are decorative rods typically mounted with brackets just above the window frame. They are ideal for softly draped toppers or tab curtains. Matching wrought-iron rings can be added.
  • Wooden Rods – With ornate or simple end pieces, wooded rods, available in various diameters are usually mounted just above the window frame. You can open and close the curtains manually.